How to melt ice over a fire using rocks.

Melting Ice and Snow For Drinking Water

Methods for Melting Ice and Snow and Why it’s a Good Idea to Do So Often times eating snow can feel like a good way to wet your whistle, and many times it’s totally fine to do so. However eating cold snow when you are sitting in cold weather and not moving can drop your […]

Making a fire starting drill step 3

Making and Using a Hand Drill To Start a Fire

Hand Drill Fire Starting This is a great way to make a fire in the wild. Learning this method will surely increase your bushcraft survival skills. I will also show you a little secret that will make this much easier than you could imagine. A fire drill is usually one of the most difficult ways […]

Smoke signals for rescue

Signaling For Help – International Distress Signals/Markers

How To Signal For Help Using Various Methods In a situation where you need to be rescued, you might only get one good chance to alert people of your presence. Use these tactics to get a rescuers attention. Using Smoke Lighting a signal fire is likely the most obvious way to get an overhead chopper […]

water loss and dehydration signs

Water Loss and it’s Effects on your Body

The Effects of Dehydration Water is obviously a very important part of your body. In the table below, you can see just what will happen if you get dangerously dehydrated. The main reason I made this table is for you to able to identify just how dehydrated you or a companion might be. By observing […]

Making a lean-to step 4

How to Make a Survival Lean-to and Fire Reflector

Making a Lean-to Shelter The lean-to shelter is very easy to build and will offer pretty good protection from the elements. If properly constructed it should keep you dry and out of the wind. Follow the detailed images below and you can easily learn this important survival skill. To make this shelter you will only […]

How to make your own snowshoes step by step.

How To Make Snow Shoes in a Pinch

Making Snow Shoes in the Wilderness Step by Step This is a very easy process that will have you hiking on snow in no time flat! There are many times in my life where I have made these in the outdoors. They really work well and can make walking much easier in really heavy snow. […]

Close up image of the petal of the pink monkey flower.

Red/Pink Monkey Flowers

The Red or Pink Monkey Flower (Mimulus lewisii) These are named this way by the head of the flower that looks like a happy monkey. They are a large snapdragon like plant usually growing in large bunches. They are also know as the Lewis Monkeyflower and are a member of the Figwort family. They also […]

Harebell flowers Campanula rotundifolia

Harebell Flower – Campanula Rotundifolia

The Harebell  These flowers will flower in the latter part of June-early Sept. They will grow at elevations up to 10,000 feet and are found in a wide range of habitats.  You can find the harebell flower growing in dry or moist soil. They are typically found in valleys prairies and even commonly growing among […]

Ipomopsis aggregata trumpet flower

Fairy Trumpet

Fairy Trumpet Flower (ipomopsis aggregata) These flowers can vary in color from white. red, pink and even orange. They are a member of the phlox family and have a lot of different names. They can be found in the rocky mountains growing to about 24″ tall.  In the south such as Texas they have been […]

Golden Rod In the Rockies

Goldenrod or Yellowweed in the Rockies

A Beautiful Flower And a Survival Food (Solidago Elongata) other names: Goldenrod or S. lepida The Goldenrod is a versatile flower that can be harvested for food at any time of the year. This plant can easily be found even in the heart of the winter due to the height at which it grows. It will […]

Leaves and Stem of the Forget me Not wildflower of the Rocky Mountains

Forget Me Not Flowers

The Forget Me Not This is a great looking little flower. You will find over 50 varieties of these across the US and Canada all slightly different. This particular flower (in the picture) was taken in South East Idaho on the shoreline of the South fork of the Snake river. This flower is rumored to […]