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    Preparing for a high altitude hikiing trip

    Preparing for a High Elevation Hiking Trip

    Overview The adventure of taking a high elevation hiking or backpacking trip can be exhilarating with every step that you take upwards. The natural scenic beauty and the tranquility...

    photo by Hans on Pixabay

    Hitting the Trail: The Best Foods to Take on Long Hikes

    Fuel Your Body with the Best Hiking and Backpacking Foods If you’re an outdoorsy-type of person, you know that nothing beats being one with nature on an outdoor hike....

    Dogs wearing backpacks

    Dog Backpacks

    Backpacks For Dogs – Styles and Tips A great way to ensure your dogs needs are met in the outdoors on a hike or backcountry trip is to keep...

    Vegan hiking boots

    Vegan Hiking Boots

    Hiking Boot and Shoe Options For Vegans Many vegans are dead set on using only non animal based materials in everything they own. Frankly I have found that there...

    Close up image of the petal of the pink monkey flower.

    Red/Pink Monkey Flowers

    The Red or Pink Monkey Flower (Mimulus lewisii) These are named this way by the head of the flower that looks like a happy monkey. They are a large...

    How to melt ice over a fire using rocks.

    Melting Ice and Snow For Drinking Water

    Methods for Melting Ice and Snow and Why it’s a Good Idea to Do So Often times eating snow can feel like a good way to wet your whistle,...