How to pack when moving

First, divide things into categories – clothes, furniture, dishes, appliances. You can contact a company that provides the service “packing and transporting things when moving”, but then you will have to pay a small amount, it is easier to do it yourself. Drawers should be taken with side slots – it’s easier to carry things. Large plastic bags are torn. An alternative to them is construction bags.

What equipment is packed in: cardboard, foam rubber, bubble wrap. The microwave and refrigerator must be thawed, washed and dried the day before the move. Remove all their removable parts and pack separately or secure inside with tape. The equipment is first covered on all sides with cardboard, then with bubble wrap and wrapped with several layers of stretch film.

Before packing the washing machine, drain the water from it, disconnect the hoses, and fix the drum. Then packed in bubble wrap and wrapped with several layers of stretch film. Small equipment is wrapped in a soft cloth, put away in boxes according to size.

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How to properly pack other things:

books are transported in boxes, clothes – suitcases, travel bags (vacuum bags will help save space);
bed linen, curtains, textiles can be put away in plastic bags;
take large boxes for shoes;
household chemicals are removed in separate, away from products.

All containers that can spill are sealed with tape and placed vertically on top. Before you pack any things in a film, you first need to wrap them with newspapers, soft fabrics, paper.

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