Rules for collecting things during an apartment move

Residential moving with involves careful packaging of the main property for its safe transportation. How exactly things will be collected depends on the safety during transportation.


It is recommended to collect things in accordance with several rules:

Furniture items should be transported unassembled in a cardboard box. If this is not possible, then each item should be wrapped with a protective film with additional protection for corners, glasses, mirrors.
Household appliances require maximum protection. It is better to transport it in factory boxes with additional protection in the form of a soft film. Other cardboard boxes can also be used.
Glass objects, including dishes, need high-quality protection. The best option would be thick paper, newspapers, fabric. In this case, it is important to exclude the contact of open glasses of different objects.
For transporting clothes, it is recommended to use large bags, bags. It is better to move expensive suits, dresses, outerwear in protective cases.

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