General rules for the carriage of fragile items

Fragile items sometimes need to be moved from place to place. It doesn’t matter if you move from an apartment to another or you want to deliver a huge mirror as a gift to your grandmother. The main thing is to bring everything safe and sound. Fragile items are items made of material that is easily damaged. First of all, these are glass objects.

Imagine the rules for the transportation of fragile items. They will help to deliver things without damage to the desired destination. It is important to strive to fulfill each condition so that the transported items retain their presentation and are suitable for further use.

First of all, think about packaging. For the transportation of fragile goods, a special film is often used. She is bubbly. It is these bubbles filled with air that protect objects from impacts. It is better to buy enough materials for packaging than to search for scraps around the house.
Additionally, things are placed in wooden containers (if there are a lot of them). In this case, the objects should fit snugly against each other. In transport, the boxes are fixed so that they cannot move during the journey.
Mark the cargo, that is, indicate that fragile items are being transported. For this, special notations have been developed. So, two vertical arrows mean that the box should not turn over. The load requires that the container is always in an upright position.

These are general requirements that apply to all types of fragile goods. But each type of cargo should be transported taking into account its characteristics.

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