Multicookers, steamers, and similar cooking devices are technically household appliances, but are similar in shape to pots. Should they be packaged like household appliances for moving with or like regular kitchen utensils?

The ideal option is if you still have the factory box, foam inserts and everything else that comes with household appliances. The original packaging is the easiest and safest way to pack your pressure cooker, slow cooker and similar small kitchen appliances.

What should I do if all or part of the original packaging is not preserved? Instead of packing your appliance with regular pots or pans, opt for a separate box. The box or container should be slightly larger. Remove the lid from the appliance, fill it inside with folded kitchen towels and wrap the appliance in the towel. You also need to wrap the lid.

Place the device in a box or container lined with bubble wrap or cloth. Put the lid there and fill the voids with foil or towels. Pack the power cord and instructions with the appliance in a separate plastic bag.