Problems of cargo transportation

The main problems of cargo transportation are insurance and division of responsibility. It can be assumed that the carrier is responsible for the safety of the parcel, but in fact, he does not assume insurance liability. The rights and obligations of the parties are described in the contract, but sometimes there are conflicts that can only be resolved by judicial means.

If the cargo arrives in transit for a long time, the risk of damage increases. For example, the fastening may move away, and this will lead to the loss of stability of the load and its fall. A heavy product will withstand such a blow, and a fragile product will be damaged. And in many cases, it is not the driver of the transport that is to blame, but the loaders who were responsible for fixing the cables and ropes. The problem is easily solved when one company provides its services, and in case of damage, it is ready to compensate for the damage. In another case, the customer has the right to apply to the court.

Damaged boxes
This is the most common situation when the product reaches the customer in a crumpled or torn box. It could be damaged both at the time of loading and during movement. Before opening, take a photo of the damaged package, record the time of receipt. If the goods inside are intact, then you should not worry. But if damage to the cargo is found, then there is every reason to contact the transport company. It is necessary to present the contract, receipts of payment, photographs.

The company may refuse to pay damages, stating that the damage was the fault of the customer. To avoid misunderstandings, it is advisable to take a photo of the goods before loading and warn the carrier that the goods are fragile.

Wrong packaging
Clothing and unbreakable products can be packed in plastic bags or a bag, but such packaging is no longer suitable for welding machines and semi-automatic devices, so you need to purchase special packaging materials. Large equipment should be packed with foam, labeled “fragile, do not overturn”. Boxes should be placed either separately from other goods, or placed at the very top. If it is found that the cause of damage to the package is incorrect packaging, then the customer will be forced to repair the damage himself.

Loose Items
If the wrong fastening was chosen for the cargo, then the valuable object will simply fly off the fastening on the way. Senders are not always able to provide the vehicle with suitable devices for fixing parcels, so the responsibility for the cargo falls on the shoulders of the carrier.

Wrong loading
Heavy parts are placed below, light ones are placed above. Incorrect loading can lead to deformation of structures, it must be carried out in accordance with the requirements and conditions of transportation, which is why rigging is so important. It is necessary to take into account the distribution of parcels, the specific load on the semi-trailer, friction. In case of damage to property, the company is responsible.

Wrong choice of transport
This problem can be avoided if you contact the operator in advance and clarify the details of the package. Depending on the type and form of cargo, experts will offer the best option. If the goods were damaged due to improper transportation, and the company refuses to compensate for the damage, then the customer has the right to solve this problem in court.

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