Help with packing

Before packing for transportation, you need to select the highest item in order to order the right car. Usually focused on the refrigerator. It is not recommended to transport it in a horizontal position. Everything that is needed first is put into the car last. Cleaning supplies, kitchen utensils and food are put away in these boxes.

Before packing things, medicines and documents, items that may be needed at any moment are collected in a separate bag. All boxes should be signed to quickly find the right one.

How to pack when moving:

start with those that are in the cabinets;
prepare packaging material with a margin;
if it is planned to put heavy things in the boxes, the bottom must be laid with cardboard in several layers;
divide things into categories;
prepare in advance furniture that you can temporarily do without;
pack the dishes, leaving only the necessary items;
to save on packaging material, use soft things, clothes;
prepare boxes in advance;
heavy objects are placed at the bottom, light objects are placed on top;
glasses can be packed into socks;
if the structure to be disassembled is complex, then for proper assembly, you can film the process on video or take pictures along the way;
adhesive tape is glued to the mirror surfaces to prevent cracks;
chandeliers are disassembled in parts and packed like glass;
non-separable drawers and doors are sealed with adhesive tape so that they do not open;
the recommended total weight of the box is 30 kg (if it cannot be moved with your thumb, then some of the things are transferred to another).

It is recommended to prepare for the move in advance – this will avoid haste. Boxes, films and various types of adhesive tape will come to the aid in packing things when moving. Keep a bag with documents and medicines with you. Also put scissors and tape in it so that you can seal torn boxes and bags.

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