Learn Wilderness Survival Skills

Survival in the Wilderness will require a combination of skills. Most of what you will need for wilderness survival skills can be found on this page. You will have to learn most importantly how to find and procure clean water, but that is only a small portion of what you will need in order to thrive in the wilderness without outside help. Finding food is another critical ingredient for wilderness survival. Below we will cover all aspects of surviving in the wild.

Finding and Securing Clean Water (Procuring Water)

Water is your most important need while trying to survive in the wilderness. You can go a very long time without food, but without water you will be dead very quickly. Water might not be your number one priority if you are surrounded by snow however. In situations like that, it is advisable that you try to seek shelter as soon as you can before worrying about collecting any water. If you are at risk of hypothermia, frostbite or exposure, shelter should obviously be your number 1 priority.

Risks of Drinking Contaminated Water

Common bacteria can be found in many bodies of water that will leave you sick and unable to survive. Properly filtering or boiling water before drinking it is imperative. If you find yourself in a wilderness survival situation, you will not be able to make the most of opportunities if you can barely function because you are ill from drinking contaminated water. Learn the various techniques for cleaning and filtering water for survival situations below.

Filter water using natural materials in a water tripod filtration device.

One example of an easy way to clean water for consumption is by making one of these, a water filtering tripod.

Making Shelter for Wilderness Survival

Making (or finding) proper shelter in the wilderness will help you stay alive. There are many techniques you can use to create various types of shelters in the wild. Without any type of shelter, you could perish quickly in extreme temperatures and wet weather. Below you will find a couple different methods for creating adequate living space in the wilderness.

If it is possible it would be best to find a pre-made shelter such as a cave, abandoned cabin or hunting shack. If you don’t have to waste energy creating shelter you shouldn’t, because that energy can be better spent getting water, food and creating a fire. Wilderness survival is all about making the most of every situation. If you are not an opportunist out there, you might not live to see tomorrow.

Making Fire for Survival

survival imageMaking a fire is essential in most wilderness survival situations. It will keep you warm, dry out your clothes, cook your food and lift your spirits. Fire will also help you to boil water if you need to ensure it is safe to drink. There are tons of ways to make fire in the wilderness, below I have listed several. If you are inventive you can start fires in hundreds of different ways using whatever it is you have around you when you need it.

Finding and Trapping Food in the Wilderness

Trapping Animals and Fish

Animals are usually quite abundant in the wilderness, you just need to know how to catch them. If you happen to have a survival rifle you are lucky, but chances are you won’t have one with you or you will eventually run out of bullets. If you can learn to make a few of these simple traps below, you will be well on your way to becoming a survival pro. You should be able to secure food during an extreme situation using these techniques. Trapping is one of many key wilderness survival skills that you should get familiar with.

Snare trap for squirrels - wilderness survival skills

This snare trap for squirrels is a great way to secure protein for survival.

Foraging for Wild Edible Plants

Flowers and plants imageThousands of plants are available to be eaten in a wilderness survival situation. You can find quite a few on the following pages. You can also learn the standard technique for testing whether or not a plant is safe for you to consume it. Don’t just go around eating plants, make sure you know what you are doing! Many plant varieties are deadly and can kill quickly.

Other Helpful Survival Items You Can Make

Making snowshoes step 1

Making snowshoes step 1

Often times survival requires you to move around. If you are stuck in the wilderness and there is heavy snow on the ground, these snowshoes will help you to make your way to safety without burning all of your energy. Tying a few sticks together or even just strapping a pine branch to the bottom of your feet will help you to stay up on top of snow, instead of sinking.

Universal Distress Signals

Distress signal do not understand

International symbol for “do not understand”

Master these distress signals to help you get rescued in an extreme survival situation. Being able to get the attention of planes, boats and other people is mandatory to getting rescued in many cases.

Using all of the information found above, you should be well on your way to becoming a survival expert. Once you master the art of collecting water, making fire, obtaining food and shelter, you’ll be rich in the art of survival in the wilderness.