Vegan Hiking Boots

Hiking Boot and Shoe Options For Vegans

Vegan hiking bootsMany vegans are dead set on using only non animal based materials in everything they own. Frankly I have found that there are very limited options in this category. There are a lot of boots and shoes that are entirely synthetic and contain no leather or animal skin whatsoever. However many shoes in this category will actually use glues that have animal based products in them.

Before I go any further I have to confess that I am not a vegan, (or even a vegetarian for that matter). If you were to spend a minute surfing other pages on this site you would see that. But I see where you are coming from, and I try to appeal to a variety of people on my blogs. I have spent a considerable amount of time researching this subject and compiling information for you to use here.

Animal Product Free Hiking Boots Are An Endangered Species

Finding a straight up, vegan hiking boot that uses no animal products is extremely difficult. I have searched high and low and have unfortunately only come up with a few options. A high top vegan hiking boot to provide great support on the trail is very difficult to find! In most cases if you want variety, you will have to resort to some low cut shoe options. Many people seem to enjoy the trail running shoes and the general sport styles for the vegan hiking. For backpacking while carrying a decent amount of weight, I would opt for something with higher tops and decent ankle support (even if it has a little leather on it).

Leather is the bar none strongest and most popular material to make shoes out of. I suspect that the shoe companies want to use the most durable materials available. Your shoes falling apart, mean you will return them-costing them lots of money, not only from the loss of the pair of shoes; but possibly bad reviews in the process. The bottom line is the king, and vegan shoes are not terribly practical for a lot of large corporations concerned with making money.

Vegan Hiking Shoe Options

Your best bet to find a great pair of shoes is using the search options. (They also offer free shipping for any order over 49$) Type “vegan” in the search box an you will get a pretty good stack of results. There are several options from Patagonia, and even some nice trekking boots from La Sportiva. I have been a fan of Patagonia gear for quite some time, I have found them to be great quality and a pretty earth friendly company.

REI also has a filter option for vegan shoes. Once you get to the shoe section, you will hopefully notice the small button in the sidebar to filter the shoes using that term.

This Amazon search  also brings up a big list of boots you might be interested in. You can also modify that to say “vegan shoes” and it pulls up thousands of options.

One final company you might consider is called these guys make a whole line of earth friendly vegan shoes for your consideration. They seem to be priced quite reasonably as well.