The North Face Bighorn Sleeping Bag

Review of the North Face Bighorn Sleeping Bag A Review of the North Face Bighorn Sleeping Bag

I took this out camping about a month ago in about -5 Fahrenheit weather. I also had another blanket on top of me because I didn’t want to risk getting cold.  I would say it would have done its job in its stated temperature range. I have also been sleeping on it for the last 2 months every night.  It has kept its fluffiness very well.

The drawstring on the top of the bag to close up around your face, seems to stay in place pretty well throughout the night.

The material seems pretty tough in my opinion, the area inside the bag near the zipper is sewn very well with 4 stitches going along the entire length of the sleeping bag. This should keep this bag from tearing in that area.  The velcro that seals up the zipper seam (shown in the picture on the right) tends to seal up the bag nicely to keep you cozy.


Overall I find this to be a well crafted quality sleeping bag. The only problems I have with it are A). At times I have had to fight with the zipper to get it to close all the way. B). The bag weighs a lot at 1oz shy of 4lbs!  That’s not a ton of weight but it seems to be on the heavier end of the 20 degree bags I have looked at. Of course I know people with 10# sleeping bags!!!!

To sum it up, For the money at around $100 this is a good bag in my opinion.


This Is a really old review. I have transferred it from my old site because it seems to be popular still. To the best of my knowledge, this bag is no longer in production. But you might be able to find a good deal on them at clearance prices.

Weight, information and specs for the Bighorn sleeping bag by North Face