The Great Tetons Tips for Hiking and Touring

Tips for the Tetons= a great vacation

Hike the great Tetons, hiking and backpacking tips.Tips for the hardcore Hiker of the Tetons, or the family just out seeing the sights. Small things can make a huge difference in your enjoyment of your vacation.

Getting into Shape before you come

Hiking up mountains in Grand Teton National park is serious business! Before you come here you will need to begin working on your cardio. Hauling up a mountain at full speed would be a really nice thing to do, but honestly it never works out that way. You will become exhausted and out of breath quickly especially if you just came from sea level. At least a couple months in advance of your trip to the Teton area you should start doing some jogging and become accustomed to hauling around a heavy backpack. Don’t bother thinking you are going to be climbing the Tetons if you are out of shape, because it just plain doesn’t work.

Come a couple days before you plan to start hardcore hiking

If you are coming from near sea level be aware that the air is different here. I am sure everyone is aware of the low oxygen levels at high altitude, but you really never know how much it will affect you until you are in it. When I first Came to the Teton area, I was in for a rude awakening when heavy hiking was required. After a couple years I finally came to my senses and started to run every day in preparation for heavy hiking in the mountains.

Even if you have great cardio training another factor to consider is the angle of the slope. The side of a mountain is a lot different than a sidewalk. You will be using entirely different muscles a lot of times while walking uphill. Climbing stairs can be a great way to prepare for your hikes.

Other ways to Prepare

  • Be sure to come with broken in shoes and boots. You don’t need any blisters! Being up a mountain with a bunch of blisters will ruin your trip. If you think you might get blisters (some people just get them) bring some moleskin to prepare. 
  • Bring a couple extra water bottles with you at all times! The dry air of the Teton area will suck the moisture from your body. You will need to drink a LOT more than you are accustomed to in order to stay hydrated. Some hikes in Grand Teton National park and Yellowstone are a lot bigger walks than you think they are. You could easily get excited and start hiking down a set of stairs and realize that the hike back up is going to become a huge project. especially without water.
  • Bring some snacks with you!  Sometimes in Teton and Yellowstone parks it can be hard to find a place to get a bite to eat. Many times I guess it won’t be hard to find a place, but it could be a long way out of the way. This could potentially cause you to bypass some great areas that you otherwise would have loved to have seen.
  • Go buy rechargeable batteries for your camera They make car chargers to plug in and charge your batteries. Its a great way to save money during your trip. Sometimes those aren’t exactly cheap in the local gift shop..

Vacationing can turn sour quick with ill preparation. Be sure you follow these tips before you come to the Great Tetons Area!
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