Water Loss and it’s Effects on your Body

The Effects of Dehydration

Water is obviously a very important part of your body. In the table below, you can see just what will happen if you get dangerously dehydrated. The main reason I made this table is for you to able to identify just how dehydrated you or a companion might be. By observing the signs, you will know the severity of water loss and how quickly you will need to react to the situation. There are almost always ways to procure water in the wilderness.

At higher elevations it is especially easy to become dehydrated. Be careful on the trail and always make sure water is your top priority. You can survive a long time without food, but lack of water will kill you quickly.


1-5% water loss6-10% Loss11-12% Loss
HeadacheDifficulty in breathingStiffness in your joints
NauseaInability to walkDeafness
LethargyLimbs begin tinglingDefective Vision
DrowsinessBlurred VisionShriveled Skin
Loss of AppetiteSwollen TongueLack of feeling in your skin
Darkened UrineSlurred SpeechInability to swallow
DiscomfortBluing of ExtremitiesUnconsciousness
ThirstDry MouthDelirium