Tents on Sale at Various Online Stores 2015

Tents on sale from online retailers

A few quick examples of the deals you can find on tents.

Find the Best Sale Tent Deals Online

It is now January and everyone is getting cabin fever. There is no better time to get excited about the summer camping days that we are all craving this time of year. The fact is; now is probably the best time to find smoking deals on camping gear and especially tents. One great way to pass the cold winter days is to dream about and shop for camping gear. Finding a great tent on sale is not very difficult if you know where to look. I’ll list my favorite places where I have successfully scored amazing bargains on tents throughout the years.

Whether you are looking for a previous years model, or a great deal on the newest tents on the market; these online stores will give you just what you are looking for.


Amazon always has great deals on tents. It is the place where most manufacturers and retail stores can quickly liquidate gear at great prices to make room for the new models. There is no other website that does more volume and offers quick inexpensive shipping (especially if you are a prime member) Members of Amazon prime get free 2 day shipping on most of the items for sale on their site. Interested in prime? Find out more about Amazon prime here. While you are at it, you can shop tents on sale here at Amazon


This website has become on of the largest online when it come to shopping for outdoor gear. They have a massive inventory of tents in stock and ship as fast and cheap as anywhere. One thing I truly love about backountry is their amazing return policy. If you have any sort of problem they will resolve it, and fast! Backcountry’s Best Deals on Tents Click Here!


These guys are owned by backcountry.com. This is the website that Backcountry uses to move large amounts of overstock quickly. I have personally bought at least 4 super discounted tents from steep and cheap and they were all at-least 60% retail prices. Click here to check out steep and cheap.com.

How steep and cheap works

They start a countdown of usually less than 15  minutes. During each sale period there is always a limited amount of an item. We’ll say they are selling a total of 30 tents (or whatever, they sell all kind of gear) for 75% off. When the countdown ends or all of the items sell they will move on to the next item. Pretty much everything they sell is a great deal of atleast 50% off. I have bought stuff for as cheap as 95% off! But beware, this website is addicting to watch and you will spend money.