Survival In the Rocky Mountains

Survival in the Rocky mountains.How to Survive in the Wilderness for Long periods of Time

In order to survive in certain situations you will have to overcome some challenges. Being able to light a fire under any circumstance is one key, but you also need to find food. You will need to be able to create shelter, get safe water, and on rare occasions even survive animal attacks. You Just never know when your plane is going to fall from the sky leaving you stranded in the wilderness. More likely you would be out hiking and camping and get lost. Getting lost is the main cause for people getting stranded in the outdoors for long periods of time. It is advisable that you learn some navigation techniques along with your basic survival skills.

Snaring wild game in a survival situation

Snaring beaver and other wild game is a great way to easily secure some high protein meals.


If you ever end up in a survival situation and need some, food trapping is the most efficient means of providing it. If you have ever been hungry beyond belief, and still are hiking around burning all of your remaining energy you are making a terrible mistake. One of the main benefits to trapping is that you will not burn all that much energy. Once the traps are set there is minimal effort needed to check them.

How to Clean Water for Survival

The ability to secure water in a tough survival situation is a must. There are a lot of effective ways for you to clean water in a survival situation. It all depends on the environment and the the type of climate in the area. In a rough situation it is tempting to just drink the water directly from the source. Unfortunately that can be one of the biggest mistakes made in a survival situation. This will potentially  leave you more dehydrated than you were to begin with. There are several types of bacteria you can get from unfiltered water, some will leave you vomiting and with a major case of diarrhea. Both of these will make your potential life threatening situation ten times worse. Learn to properly filter and clean water for safe usage and you are one step ahead of mother nature.

Making A Fire 

The ability to light a fire is almost as important as being able to find water in some environments. You won’t be able to drink water if you are suffering from hypothermia and freezing cold temperatures. There is always a way to make a fire. You might have to get creative to pull it off. Did you know there are usually 3 different ways to light a fire with just a flashlight? If you have a magnifying glass that’s easy, you can even shine up the bottom of a pop or beer can and light a fire! Of course there are more traditional ways such as the fire bow. Using 2 D batteries is also a really easy way to make a fire.

Foraging for Food and Eating Wild Edibles

There is usually plenty of easy wild plants to forage when you are in a tricky survival situation. There are a lot of really common plants that can be eaten, such as the Dandelion and Cattails. Also nearly every pine tree has food available. You just need to find the pine nuts and seeds inside of the pine cones. Also a known source of vitamins are the needles of certain pine needles. It can easily be made into tea!