Sand Bags for Tent Stakes, Anchoring Tents in the Desert

Use Bags of Sand to Stake your Tent

If you have ever camped on a beach or in the desert, you know how much of a pain it can be to try to stake down a tent. Considering a lot of tents made are not free standing, you will have to figure something out if you are going to set up your tent. I know this isn’t a well kept secret, but just something to keep in mind. Usually everyone carries extra bags with them on the trail. stake your tent with bags of sandIf you ever needed to you could fill them with sand or rocks and tie some guy line to them. It works pretty well. You might be surprised how strong those plastic grocery bag handles can be. You can also fill your stuff sacks with material if it came down to it. They would certainly be a bit more durable than plastic bags, although usually people don’t have enough of them to successfully hold down a tent.