Red/Pink Monkey Flowers

The Red or Pink Monkey Flower (Mimulus lewisii)

The red or pink monkey flower growing wild in the rocky mountains.

These flowers usually grow at higher elevations and can only grow in very moist conditions. This is a common sight on the edges of creeks and rivers in the rocky mountains.

These are named this way by the head of the flower that looks like a happy monkey. They are a large snapdragon like plant usually growing in large bunches. They are also know as the Lewis Monkeyflower and are a member of the Figwort family. They also have close relatives that will sometimes live close by such as the yellow or common monkey flower.

Where to Find These Flowers:

These beautiful flowers will only grow in wet conditions. You can expect to find them growing along rivers and commonly in rocky canyons. Typically the monkey flower will grow at elevations of around 5-10,000 feet. They have a large range from Alberta all the way down to Utah.

These particular flowers were found in south east Idaho in a small river canyon at an elevation of 6700 feet. As you can see they were growing right out of the receded river bed a few feet from the water.


These flowers are readily identifiable by the two bright patches of yellow found in the throat of the flower. The monkeyflower has hairy stems with fine toothed leaves.  These tens to grow an average of 1-2.5 feet high in large clumps of numerous stems. There are about 20 different species of Mimulus found in the rocky mountain area.

Close up image of the petal of the pink monkey flower.

Note the 2 distinct yellow markings in the head of this flower.


 Red Monkey flower extreme macro image.