Outdoor Research Incandescent Down Jacket Review

Outdoor Research Incandescent Down Jacket Review

Outdoor Research Incandescent Down Jacket Review

A Review of the Outdoor Research Incandescent Down Coat

If there is one thing I Love and am quite familiar with it’s down Jackets.  I have a few Patagonia, Mountain Hardwear, and Marmot.  But I can Honestly say I LOVE this Jacket!! I have worn it every day for a little over a week now.

The first thing I will mention is how warm it is. Compared to my Patagonia down sweater, well there is no comparison in the warmth department. If I were thrown out of a plane over the Yukon in winter I would want this baby on!!

It is surprisingly water proof I had it out in some freezing rain while walking my dog two days ago, just to find out if the “DWR” (durable water repellent coating would do its job.  It did a great Job!

The hood seems to have more down in it than any other jacket I own. This will come in very handy in The harshest environments.  I saw a show last night about a guy driving on a river hundreds of miles through the yukon to an old oil camp. There is no access whatsoever other than driving your car on the iced over river or by boat in the summer.  The whole time I was watching it I was saying to myself, Yep…. I would be totally fine out there stranded in my luminescent.

Another thing I love about this is the shape of the sewing between the down. Its triangular shape prevents the down from bunching up and whatnot.  Not to mention it sets it apart from all other downs.

Outdoor Research Incandescent Down Jacket folds into its own pocket

It packs up nice into its own pocket shown here. It was very easy to get it in and out of this pocket pouch.​

The zippers on this jacket seem very sturdy and slide better and more easily than any other zipper I recall using.  Another nice thing about the zippers on the front is that you can zip the top zipper all the way up to your chin, and there is still a zipper on the bottom of the coat that you can zip upwards to access your under layers for whatever reason. I actually used this feature the other day to access a dry shirt to clean off my sunglasses..

Check out this front pocket!

It is set so that whatever is in the pocket is under the down and against your chest. I tend to keep my phone in here. My phones battery is very touchy when it gets cold.(It dies quickly) This pocket has solved that problem.

Front pocket of the Outdoor Research Incandescent Down The only problem I did notice is that the arms on this tend to be a hair longer than my other jackets for their size.  For me personally that doesn’t pose much of a problem. Its kind of nice having a little extra material there so I can get my hands in there if I don’t have gloves on.  This could pose a small problem if I were climbing or something I guess.

The only real gripe I have is that I didn’t buy it sooner!