Osprey Nest on a Power line Removed, Osprey’s Now Homeless

Osprey’s Left Homeless after their Nest was Removed by Power Company

osprey nest removed from powerline leaves these two birds homeless. Driving through Teton Valley Idaho area you will see many ospreys and even bald eagles perched on power lines and poles. I have had a pair of osprey’s working hard to maintain a nest on top of a power line pole near my house all spring. They are a pleasant sight and are always visible in the nest every day when I drive by. Unfortunately today there was a very large disturbance in their household! Apparently the power company (Fall river rural electric) decided to remove their nest for whatever reason. I am sure that there was a risk of damage to power so they felt the need to take it out of there. This decision by the power company has left 2 osprey wondering where there house has gone.

Many Areas on power lines you will see large wooden platforms where the ospreys are allowed to build nests. These are visible all over the west where rivers are plentiful. The osprey are large predatory birds that eat fish out of rivers and lakes, it is a common sight to see them dive down from 100 feet in the air to grab a trout with their talons.

I was a little upset I must say to see the ospreys home destroyed, after seeing them work so hard to maintain it each day on my way into town. The Power company has also put in a sort of barrier to prevent these birds from rebuilding. In the images you can see the plastic tube arched over the whole area where their nest once sat. These osprey attempted to rebuild, they have accumulated a few twigs and laid them in place for the beginning of a new home. Here they sit confused, about how they are going to finish the nest with this large obstruction in the way.  These osprey will likely spend the night perched here on this power line trying to find a way to claim their power line spot as their own once again.

Barrier preventing the Osprey's from rebuilding the nest

Here you can see the barrier put in placed to prevent the ospreys from rebuilding their original nesting site. An orange plastic tube arched over the area. The osprey on the right seems to be extra concerned about my presence likely thinking I am responsible for the destruction of its home. Here you can see the sticks and twigs they have brought in a futile effort to rebuild their once happy home.