Make a Cooking Tripod

Make a quick tripod to cook your food over a campfire

It will take you only a few minutes and you can engineer a tripod to cook a stew or any other camping food you choose on.How to make a camping tripod

Step 1). Just find three sticks and tie them together at the top. You should try to use fairly fresh live wood, as it is less likely to catch fire and will surely last longer.

Step 2). Ensure proper length: You will be better off making this taller than you think you should. You can always hang your rope lower; but it will be difficult to raise the tripod without totally rebuilding.

Step 3). You might also want to dig three small holes to put the legs of the tripod in. Brace the feet with rocks for added stability.

Just tie a rope from the top of the tripod and attach a caribiner. This ones so easy a caveman could do it! er… I guess they did do it probably didn’t they?


It would be wise to install your tripod over the fire and have it in place prior to starting your fire. It is very easy to make your own cooking tripod over the fire pit while there is no fire, but trying to make this contraption and properly brace the legs after the fire is made can prove to be difficult.

Note that the most important part of making this camping tripod is ensuring that the legs have good stability. You should put each leg at least 2 inches into the ground and make sure to give them the extra support with rocks or logs as braces.