Kids Summer Camps Top List, Get your Children Into the Great Outdoors

Kids Summer Camps

Kids Summer CampShopping for the right kids’ summer camp can be tricky. You want something that’s going to appeal to your child’s interest and needs, but you also want to consider what your budget will allow. The types of kids summer camps available are dizzying, and that’s not even getting into price ranges. Get your kids interested in the outdoors early and they will thank you for it the rest of their lives!

 Which Kids Summer Camp Is Right For Your Children?

Knowing what your kids will enjoy is the first step towards finding the right summer camp. Certain summer camps offer a plethora of outdoor and indoor activities. Other camps will focus on a particular theme or activity. Having an idea of what your children will enjoy the most from a kids summer camp will go a long way towards choosing the right one.

Once you know what your kids want in a camp, you can narrow your list down even further by developing a budget for summer camp, and adhering to it as closely as you possibly can. Regardless of interests or budget, you can find something ideal for your children’s physical and psychological growth.

 Searching For Kids Summer Camps Online

If a summer camp for your kids is something you’re serious about, the sooner you can get the ball rolling, the better off you’ll be. Some camps have long waiting lists, with spots filling up sometimes months in advance. You don’t want to find yourself scrambling to find a camp at the last possible second.

Searching online for kids summer camps will give you a good indication of what’s out there for you. At the very least, looking online is a great way to see how much variety is out there. You can come up with ideas to discuss with your kids, and plan your budget around what is available to you, and what will appeal to your children.

 Popular Summer Camps For Kids

Here are 10 kids’ summer camps, to give you an indication of just how much is out there. Remember that this isn’t even a complete list of summer camps for kids. This is simply designed to show you what’s available.

If nothing else, you can let one of these summer camp suggestions for your children serve as a springboard to something that’s even more appropriate and exciting:


  1. Cheley Colorado Camp (Colorado): One of the most popular camps for outdoor adventure, Cheley Colorado Camp offers an extraordinary range of timeless, thrilling outdoor summer fun activities for your children. Horseback riding, archery, and rifle activities are just a few of the things your kids will have the chance to try. Don’t forget hiking, with the stunning surroundings of the Rocky Mountain National Park to consider. It’s easy to see why this is regarded as one of the most beautiful summer camps for kids to be found anywhere.
  2. Pali Overnight Adventures (California): Looking for something a little different? The emphasis on this summer camp, located in Running Springs, California, is on exploring creativity. Kids with an eye for fashion can work towards staging their own red carpet fashion show, while kids who dream of becoming filmmakers can learn the ins and outs of filmmaking from professionals. There are even experiences designed around being a Hollywood stunt person or a secret agent!
  3. Rockin’ C Ranch (Texas): Deep in the heart of Texas ranch country, Rockin’ C Ranch gives your children the opportunity to live, work, and build character at an actual Texas ranch. Activities will include cattle driving and woodworking.
  4. Walking Mountains Science Center (Colorado): There is a wide litany of incredible science camps to choose from. Walking Mountains Science Center allows children ages 8-16 to learn survival skills, while also being able to become experts on a variety of scientific subjects.
  5. The French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts (New York): Offering more than 80 areas of artistic interest for your child to explore, this performing arts camp in New York has built a formidable reputation, for offering your child’s creativity the chance to spread its wings and fly.
  6. Campus Kids (New Jersey and Minisink): The beauty of Campus Kids is that it allows your kids to come back home on the weekends, while giving them plenty of indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy all through the summer. Does your child want to be an actor, or do they tend to prefer team sports? Campus Kids has these, as well as just about every possibility you can imagine.
  7. The Appalachian Mountain Club’s Teen Wilderness Adventures (Various): For kids all over the East Coast, The Appalachian Mountain Club’s Teen Wilderness Adventures offers kids the chance to learn how to appreciate and survive in the wilderness.
  8. EAA’s Air Academy (Wisconsin): For kids between 12 and 18 who want to learn all about flight, EAA’s Air Academy has activities that will arm your child with all the knowledge and hands-on experience they could ever want.
  9. Concordia Language Villages (Minnesota): This summer camp does more than simply teach your children a foreign language. By immersing your child in a complete cultural experience, your child will come away with the language, music, art, sports, and more from the country of their choice. Concordia Language Villages even offers a family camp experience.
  10. Camp Shane (Arizona and New York): This is an excellent camp with an impressive level of experience. Everything about this camp in particular is designed to help children achieve and maintain healthy, manageable lifestyles. The emphasis on Camp Shane is to focus on the strengths of the individual.

Kids Summer Camp Choices

The ten camps listed above are designed to simply give you an idea of what’s out there for you. It’s important to find a camp that will speak to the passions and interests of your child. While it’s crucial to nurture and develop your child’s unique strengths, camps can also be essential for building teamwork and community qualities.

No matter what you’re looking for in a summer camp for your kids, the list above should make it clear a lot is out there.

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