How to Stay Hydrated in the Mountains

A spring coming out of the side of a mountain. A grat way to stay hydrated.Drink Plenty of Water on Your Hikes

Hydration in high altitude

A water bottle like this Sawyer will help you to easily attain enough water. The main cause of dehydration is just not feeling like taking out your water bottle and filtering. This type of bottle will make your life much easier.

Staying hydrated on your hikes is the key to keeping pace and feeling good. There are a few tips here to help you drink enough water on your long hikes in high elevation. If you are coming from sea level and going for a long hike, you will need to drink a lot more water than you are accustomed to. It is so easy to become dehydrated that you will need to take multiple steps to prevent it, because it could easily ruin your hike that you might have been planning for some time.

Make your water accessible

By keeping your water very easy to access you will increase your frequency of drinking it. Since it is pretty much impossible to drink too much water you should be guzzling while you are on the trail backpacking. Not only will you be working hard climbing mountains, but you will be busy watching the scenery. This will easily cause you to not drink enough and your fun could suffer. Don’t put your water in your backpack where you will never be able to get to it. If you can easily access it you will be more prone to drinking it.

Buy a Hydration Bladder

These can be added to your existing backpack for very cheap and will make your drinking water very easy without even slowing down. If your tube from the bladder is bouncing next to your face you will be well hydrated and healthy in even the driest conditions.

A Filtering Water Bottle

These are very convenient and much more efficient that a standard filter. By easily being able to scoop up water and drink it right off the bat you will inevitable consume more water and stay in better condition.

The Effects of Dry Air and High Elevation

The dry air of the west is the major cause of dehydration. You don’t particularly sweat all that much, and you never can tell you are dehydrated until its too late. Every time you breath you are breathing out moisture that your body once had. Drink water and drink it often and you will be in great shape for your next hike. Keep your water close to your hands and drink it often, you will be glad you did, because there are few things worse than a dehydration headache on the mountain.