How To Make Snow Shoes in a Pinch

Making Snow Shoes in the Wilderness Step by Step

How to make your own snowshoes step by step.This is a very easy process that will have you hiking on snow in no time flat! There are many times in my life where I have made these in the outdoors. They really work well and can make walking much easier in really heavy snow. There are a lot of different ways to make snowshoes. Throughout my life I have made most of the various types, I find this the usually the best style. They are the easiest ones to make sturdy, and they are quite narrow, so walking is not difficult.

All you will need is:

  • A few sticks (live sticks work best)
  • String or cordage
  • Knife
  • 20 minutes of your time

Step 1). Gather your live sticks. Most types of Pine works well, but alders, aspen or any soft flexible wood will be fine. You will need about 10 sticks approximately 3-4 feet long (or about 1 meter). Tie one end of your sticks together very tightly. A shoelace or paracord will work well for this application. Also tie another stick across the existing 5 sticks to use as foot support. See diagram 1

Making snowshoes step 1

Making snowshoes step 1

Step 2). Tie in 2 more foot support sticks and make a strong knot on the other end of your nearly completed snowshoe.

Making snowshoes step 2.jpg

Step 3). Tying in your foot. The final step is to lash your foot onto your completed snow shoes. You want the ball of your foot to be on the single bridge. Using the 2 other support bridges to easily secure your foot with string and support your weight (see diagram 3).

Completed homemade Snowshoe

Completed homemade Snowshoe

Using pine bows as snow shoes

Strapping pine bows to your feet in this manner will also work as snow shoes. This will obviously not give you as much support as the technique outlined above, but it will work to some extent.