How to Make an Emergency Survival Raft from Sticks and Tarp

Make a Survival/Rescue Raft Out of Sticks and a Tarp

This raft can be made fairly easily. It can come in really handy to haul your gear over a river. This raft will not support a person, atleast not for very long. But it will support all of your gear and hopefully keep it dry and safe.You could either swim across the river pushing or pulling this raft, or get across first and pull the raft over with a rope. Trying to swim wearing a backpack is extremely dangerous. Try this instead if you ever have the need.

The first step is to collect a bunch of sticks, vines, etc. and form them into a tight circular shape. Then tie them together tightly with rope or ripped clothing (whatever you have). Make a Raft our of sticks and a Tarp

Step #2) Lay your sticks on a tarp. If you do not have a tarp you could also use a rain poncho, or anything somewhat waterproof.

Laying sticks on a tarp for the Emergency Rescue Raft

Wrap your tarp up around the edges of your sticks and tie off

If your tarp has grommets, then those will come in handy here. If you have to you can use small stones and put them underneath the tarp and tie a loop around them. ​
Under most circumstances I would not expect this to float good for very long. If there are any leaks it will become hard to move in the water. Crossing a river can be extremely dangerous. If there is no other way to get a child or a bunch of gear over the water, then this raft should work if it is well constructed.The Finished Rescue Raft. This is made From Sticks, vines, a Tarp and rope.