Important Kits to Take When Camping or Hiking (first aid etc.)

Camping kits such as first aid and Cooking kits. Handy Kits to Have in your Backpack, Just in Case..

When you go camping and pack all your supplies its best to keep everything in separate kits. You will want to make sure they stay dry so it’s a good idea to store them in individual Ziploc bags.

Toiletry Kit

In your toiletry kit you can have toilet tissue, soap, moist wipes, a washcloth and towel, and even sanitary napkins if it’s a possibility they may be needed. Papers and supplies will be best unscented, and use biodegradable formulas if possible.

First Aid Kit

First aid kits are very important and if you are in an area that may have them, snake bite kits are a good idea too. You can have theA very nice first aid kit for camping and hiking. basics, band-aids, sting ease, aspirin, tape and gauze. Benadryl is also a good idea when someone is stung or just for allergies. It’s usually the most simple to just buy a ready made first aid kit. These are available anywhere and there are many really nice ones that have a ton of stuff. If you were to buy all of the parts individually they could run up the price quickly.

Repair Kit

Repair kits for clothing and tents are handy, nothing worse than having a “blow-out” in your hiking shorts and not having a needle and thread.  A tent repair kit can come in handy just in case, like the saying goes, it’s better to have it and not need it- than to need it and not have it. These are available at any camping store for only a few dollars. Of course its a good idea to bring a small roll of duct tape as well. There’s always a use for duct tap!

Kitchen Kit

Camping mess kit, aka cooking kit.

Nice super lightweight mess kit made from Titanium. These are nice to have for some of the longer back country trips. This is a Stoic brand from

When it’s dinner time it’s a good idea to have the kitchen kit organized and ready to go. Stackable cookware and plates take up less room, and you can wash them and not leave any trash behind. I personally have a military surplus mess kit that has all of that together and only takes up about 8”x8”x5” space and it was only about $15.

Actually, for only a camping or hiking trip with one person, the other kits will fit inside the pot of the mess kit making one handy little package. Organize your kits and keep them well stocked for smoother camping excursions that allow focus to be on your surroundings and pleasure.