GSI Collapsible Fairshare Mug

 GSI Collapsible Fairshare Mug Overview and Review

This seems like a quality built mug, cup, bowl, combo.   Picking it up the first thing I noticed was the weight.   WOOOOOeeee  this thing is heavy!! well sort of, it weighs in at 7oz. Or (198) g.


The next thing I noticed was how quality built it is. Everything seems strong and sturdy. It should be though, the cost for this mug gsi fairshare mug reviewwas about 17$.  Compared to most camping gear I guess its not too bad…

gsi collapsable mug overviewThe bottom collapsible part is made of pretty thick rubbery material. (This is where most of the weight comes from). It is very flexible and strong feeling. It says it is dishwasher safe. Although I am sure I would never end up putting in in a dishwasher.

I seems it would clean up very easily by hand under most circumstances. Food and moisture don’t seem to really be able to adhere to it. The main problem I expected was that it would get too hot and the rubbery material would flex and break. That doesn’t seem to be an issue. I poured boiling water into and held my hand on the bottom of the cup and did not get burned. The rubber held up well.  It has an Oz, Cup, and Ml measurement on the inside. That could come in handy at some point I am sure.


The Folding handle locks securely in position while it is folded out so it won’t accidentally fold back and spill food or beverage on you.  The lid on it is made from the same plastic material that the top of a jetboil is made from. It can handle very high temperatures. It also locks on to the top of the bowl amazingly tight. While I had it full of boiling water, I tipped it upside down. Only a few drops came out in one small spot near the base of the handle. It would not be out of the question to use this to store food while you are out on the trail.

In summary, I would give this a 4 out of five stars. It would get a 5 all around except for the Heavy weight at 7oz.  We’ll see how it holds up to regular use this summer. I will try to post updates