Goldenrod or Yellowweed in the Rockies

A Beautiful Flower And a Survival Food

(Solidago Elongata) other namesGoldenrod or S. lepida

Golden Rod In the Rockies

I found these on the edge of a field in Idaho.

The Goldenrod is a versatile flower that can be harvested for food at any time of the year. This plant can easily be found even in the heart of the winter due to the height at which it grows. It will usually be visible above the snow, even though it might be brown and tattered looking it can still be consumed.

Eating the Goldenrod Plant and Flower

You can actually eat the entire plant such as making:

  • Teas
  • Use the dried leaves stems and roots as flavoring
  • Grind into a flour
  • Fresh leaves as a salad
  • Added to soups for flavor (supposedly particularly good in cream based soups)

Health Uses Include:

Goldenrod Flower Close Up ImageEczema, arthritis even has been used to treat colds, the flu and fatigue. The list of benefits of the goldenrod is large.

There are over 100 varieties of the Solidago family, they are often found in large clusters or small patches. They can be found on roadsides and in fields. They prefer rocky type soils and usually flower in June-August.


Patch of Goldenrod Flowers in the mountains

This patch of goldenrod was found in the rocky mountains of Idaho.