Glamping, a Luxurious trip to the Mountains

“Glamping” …camping with Benefits

diamond studded compass for glampingGlamping, or glamorous camping, aka posh camping, luxury camping, boutique camping or even comfy camping is camping without roughing it. Glamping actually originated in the early 1900’s when the wealthy set would go on safari. They would have very large groups of staff in a party to carry all the supplies, set it all up, and take care of all of their needs. They used large canvas tents that were equipped with carpeting, furniture, and even comfortable beds; all the while they had their servants to cater to their every need.

Nowadays, glamping is as close to a safari as most people will get, and you can do it close to home without the hassle of passports and 20 painful shots to go to Africa. It’s very similar in the sense that in glamping all of the comforts of home are carried into the field. Modern safaris, or glamping, can provide all modern amenities, 5-star dining, and even designer gear and gadgets. There’s nothing like a diamond studded compass to maintain your sense of direction.

Glamping quarters can range from very posh tents, teepees or even a tree house, and the bedding is much more than a simple (or even expensive) sleeping bag. When glamping you will sleep in a big nice comfy bed just like at home.

Most glamping sites even offer amenities like private baths, room service (well, tent service anyway), and even a private veranda for viewing all of nature’s beauty over a glass of champagne while keeping your pampered beauty happy. Because after all a happy wife makes for a happy life