Sleeping Bag

Choosing the right sleeping bag

One very important factor while enjoying nature’s beauty, is of course, comfort. After all, there is no sense sleeping on the ground when there are so many quality sleeping bags offered on the market these days.sleeping bag selection guide But how does one choose appropriately from all of the choices available.

The first and most very important factor in your decision is weather. You must select a sleeping bag that is designed for the temperatures you will be camping in; there isn’t any sense in purchasing a bag rated for fifty below zero if you will only be in temperatures of forty degrees. Another decision is does it need to be waterproof? Will the weather be fair, or can you expect rain or snow? A wet sleeping bag is no fun at all.

What kind of filler is also important, keep in mind the bag does not produce heat; it merely captures your body heat. Some people just adore down comforters on their beds at home, so why not enjoy that luxury in the wild? This can be fine if you expect to stay dry, but wet feathers will not do any good. Synthetic fills are much more suitable for wet or unknown conditions.

Another factor to consider is bulk, when hiking in you do not want to be overburdened with bulky packs, so a fill that compresses small -yet springs back and provides comfort and ample warmth- is ideal. Another choice to consider is color. Some campers like bright safety colors just in case, but hunters likely prefer a camouflaged pattern. There are many selections to choose from, you just have to match your choice to your hiking or camping needs.