Backpacking Stoves

Lightweight Backpacking stoves

There are a lot of options out there for backpacking stoves.msr backpacking stove I will not give my opinion about which stoves you should buy. I simply have compiled a list of the options. You can decide for yourself, based upon what you are looking for in a stove. This list is sorted by fuel types, in no particular order.

You should choose a stove based upon what temperatures you will be using it, how many days you will be out there, and how much is in your budget for a camp stove. Alcohol stoves burn clean, but don’t kick out a ton of heat. While the fuel is inexpensive and easy to find. Wood burning stoves heat fairly well, and there is almost always a fuel source nearby. Propane and butane seem to burn the hottest, but fail at high elevations and colder temperatures, due to loss of pressure in the canister. Liquid fuel is heavy, But it can be distributed between a few people if you are hiking in a group. Under all temperatures the liquid stove seems like a good option.

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Wood Burning stoves:

 Wood Stoves are a great option because of the free fuel laying around everywhere. They can also take the place of a campfire, if you happen to be under burning restrictions do to fire danger. They do a great job, and the best part is you don’t have to haul around fuel. For a long term backpacking trip these seem to be the way to go in my opinion.


Alcohol Stoves: 

Alcohol burning stoves are becoming more popular all the time because of the cheap cost of the fuel. They can run for long periods at very minimal cost. They don’t work perfectly in cold temperatures. But during the summer they are a great option.



Propane/Butane stoves:

Propane burns hot and fast. That is what is good about it. You can cook your food in no time flat during the warmer months. But at high elevations and cold weather these canister stoves suffer.  The fuel however is fairly inexpensive and available just about anywhere.


Liquid Fuel stoves:

Liquid fuel stoves are a great way to go in cold weather. They don’t have the pressure problems that canister stoves do because you control their pressure by pumping. Fuel for these is also pretty easy to find no matter where you are at.

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