Gear Selection

Choosing the Best Gear for your Trip

sleeping bag selection guideThe right sized gear is essential to making for a successful trip. If you have a backpack that is not the correct fit it can become a real disaster once you get several miles into the back country. The same can be said for all of your backpacking gear. It is a great idea to do proper research before investing your hard earned money into gear that will not fit your individual needs.

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This is a really important part of your gear and you need to get it right. You will not notice the rubbing and unbalanced nature of a improper fitting pack until you are way out in the sticks. By that point you have no choice but to continue to push on. By learning to properly size yourself you can eliminate potentially a lot of pain and suffering on the trail.

>Camp Stove Choices

An example of an alpine climbing and skiing backpackThere are several types to choose from. You can weigh the benefits of each type of stove and make an informed decision on which style is best for you.

>Choosing a Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag is another very important part of your trip. We have all experienced cold nights out camping. That doesn’t have to happen! By weighing the differences of each type of bags in your price range you can decide on what material is right for you.

>Choose the Right Tent

There are many shapes and styles of tents on the market. I have gone through and explained all of the differences in the link above. Tents have a huge price range and each type is good