Forget Me Not Flowers

The Forget Me Not

Leaves and Stem of the Forget me Not wildflower of the Rocky MountainsThis is a great looking little flower. You will find over 50 varieties of these across the US and Canada all slightly different. This particular flower (in the picture) was taken in South East Idaho on the shoreline of the South fork of the Snake river. This flower is rumored to have benefits for lung conditions and nose bleeds. Eating this flower is not recommended because of it’s foul taste. You will find these in fairly moist areas all over the rocky mountains and beyond.

They vary in height depending upon the exact species, they tend to grow short as a small ground cover in some areas and quite tall in others.  One thing for sure about this flower is it has a very unique look to it and is very distinctive.

Close up of the forget me not wildflower of the rockies