Fly Fishing and Backpacking

Fly Fishing and Backpacking

Fly fishing and backpacking go together like a horse and carriage. It seems most of the good places to hike, Happen to also be good places to trout fish. Whether you are hiking around alpine lakes, or just small streams fed from mountain runoff, Fishing can be awesome. Considering how light, and compact fly fishing rods are these days its almost a sin to not take one along. There are plenty of rods that pack down to a little over a foot long and weigh less than a pound. The weight of a rod and reel are a non issue, especially if you use it to catch trout to eat while you are on the trail. You could either pack more food and leave the rod at home, or leave some food at home and plan on eating some trout along the way on your trip. Fishing can be so good in a lot of areas, that stepping down to the creek to put some fish in the pan, is about as easy as popping into a quick-mart.

fly fishing and backpacking ​   I have been a fishing for quite a few years now and have used a lot of different brands of rods and reels. For the Beginner fly fisherman looking to score some food on the trail, or just looking for a way to enhance your outdoor experience, I would highly recommend a Redington brand rod.  You can pick one up at your local flyshop, or anywhere online for around 100$. I would advise starting with a 5 weight. They are a very versatile size, and can handle large and small trout that you are likely to encounter in your travels. An 8-9′ 4-6 piece rod would be perfect, this will pack small enough to not take up too much space. Redington also makes reels that are top quality. They are the best bang for your buck brand in my opinion. They sell kits that are actually a really good deal with everything included for under 200$

Summary: You would have to be crazy not to take a fishing rod up into the mountains with you, its just way too much fun. Plus if you ever got into a pickle and needed food, you would have no trouble securing it. There is a reason that every cowboy who rides into the mountains has a rod with him. It’s almost equivalent to carrying a cooler full of food!

This website here has a lot of great fly fishing tips too!