Drawstring Backpacks

 Drawstring Backpacks, Inexpensive and Functional!

Draw string Backpacks Drawstring backpacks can be extremely useful in a variety of situations. It’s entirely possible that you’re unaware of just how many different situations in which a drawstring is not only appropriate, but quite possibly your best choice.

 Some Basic Information On Drawstring Backpacks

One of the two main misconceptions with these backpacks is that they only work in certain situations, and there isn’t very much variety to choose from. Neither one of these ideas is true. The fact of the matter is that these packs are a fantastic accessory for a variety of situations. It’s also important to remember that not all drawstring backpacks are exactly alike. There are different sizes and features to consider. You also want to keep in mind that certain drawstring backpacks are more ideal for certain situations than others.

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time on the go, or if you have some hiking, camping or backpacking plans lined up for the near future, a drawstring version of the backpack is idyllic. These are only two possible situations. There are actually a few others.

 Drawstring Backpack Benefits and Downsides

With the benefits of these backpacks, the first thing you want to do is get rid of the association you likely have with the word “backpack.” That’s a word that springs to thought big, clunky bags, meant to be carried on your back. While it’s true that a drawstring backpack can indeed be carried on your back, its design is such that it can carried comfortably in a variety of ways.

These drawstring packs tend to be lighter,  inexpensive, easier to carry, and will be fairly comfortable on your arms and shoulders. These are all worthwhile benefits. These benefits also ask you to keep in mind some of the downsides to a drawstring model. Compared to actual backpacks, a drawstring version will not be able to carry as much stuff, is not designed to for particularly heavy use, and isn’t going to be quite as durable as a regular backpack. By no means should this imply that these backpacks will not be perfect for many of your needs. It’s just important to keep in mind the pluses and negatives of using one.

 Drawstring Backpack Uses

There are many circumstances in which the use of a drawstring pack can be ideal. Camping is one of the first possibilities that should come to mind. Imagine you’re planning a weekend or even week long trip in the great outdoors. Wouldn’t it be great to have a drawstring backpack hidden in a small pocket of your frame pack for a single-day trek? By packing a few essentials into your drawstring backpack, you can leave the big backpack at the base camp and quickly find yourself getting a lot more enjoyment out of your hiking experience.

The possibilities continue. Ask anyone who has just finished up a year or two of college, and they’ll tell you that having more than one type of backpack can really come in handy. While it is certainly good to have a larger backpack for the more busy days, grabbing your drawstring backpack for the more low-key days gives you an added level of flexibility. No matter what the day throws at you, you’ll be able to meet the challenges in terms of your storage needs. Drawstring backpacks can also potentially be good for elementary, middle, or high school situations. Just remember that the storage and durability qualities of drawstring models aren’t on-par with actual backpacks. Consider carefully what your needs are going to be, and don’t be afraid to own more than one type of backpack.

Drawstring backpacks can even function as a cheap purse, an easy way to store your gym supplies, a good road trip bag, or something that works nicely for an overnight visit. Any of these situations potentially demand a drawstring backpack.

 And what are some of the best drawstring backpacks on the market today?

 Drawstring Backpack Shopping

Drawstring backpack made by nike.

Drawstring Backpacks are very inexpensive! You should be able to find a nice one for under $20

Looking for just the right drawstring backpack for your lifestyle and needs? Take a look at these five drawstring backpack ideas, and see if any of them match up to the kind of thing you’ve been looking for:


  • Jenzys’ Leopard Print Drawstring Bag with Pink Trim: A nice combination of form and fashion, this particular drawstring bag could certainly be described as “cute” or “chic.” However, you should keep in mind that it doesn’t sacrifice usefulness to be those things. This bag is great for a trip to the beach, regular visits to the gym, overnight adventures, or a vacation in which the need to move some of your things to a smaller bag is essential.
  • Augusta Sportswear’s Tri-color Backpack: Although it may not be as stylish as some of the other bags on the market, this backpack is still very cheap, as well as possessing excellent storage capabilities.
  • Nike Team Training Gymsack: We know that Nike is a brand-name that we can rely on for value and quality, and the Nike Team Training Gymsack is a wonderful example of that. This backpack is fairly cheap, comes with an additional zipper, and can function in more situations than just at the gym (as the name might imply to you).
  • LD Bags’ Cinch String Sack Backpack: Some would say that this bag is ideal for the beach or pool. The extra zipper function ensures that you can keep your valuables safe while enjoying the water. However, with over twenty-seven fashionable designs to choose from, you can extend the use of this specific bag into other areas of your life. Simply remember that if you need a versatile, multi-purpose bag, you may want to consider some other options.
  • Online Superstore Plus’ Mesh Sack with Pockets: With a reliable main compartment, some additional mesh pockets, and a few different designs to choose from, this drawstring backpack is a terrific no-frills option.

The Best Drawstring Backpack?

With all the drawstring backpacks out there, you can easily find the best one for you as your backpacking companion. Explore your options, and keep in mind what you’ll use it for.


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    I have this backpack and use it whenever I go hiking.

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    For some reason, my son prefers to use this backpack when going to school.