Dog Backpacks

Dogs wearing backpacksBackpacks For Dogs – Styles and Tips

A great way to ensure your dogs needs are met in the outdoors on a hike or backcountry trip is to keep the dog necessities right on your dogs back! Inside of a dog backpack you can easily fit a small bottle of water, a bag of food and even a collapsible dish. While hiking with dogs it is easy to forget that they need to drink water often. An easy way to conveniently accommodate their needs is to have everything they could want easily accessible on their backs. Chances are your backpack is already overloaded with gear anyway.

There are many different types of dog backpacks, but one of the most important things to keep in mind is the weight of your dog. Backpacks for dogs are generally fitted by the weight of your dog. Buying a backpack that is too small and your dog will be uncomfortable, too large and you could cause your dog injury. One important thing to keep in mind is while loading your dogs pack, they should never be forced to carry more than 25% of their body weight. A back injury from an overloaded backpack can cause a lifetime of pain for your best friend, so don’t overdo it.

Common Materials Used in Dog Backpacks

There are multiple types of materials used in these K9 backpacks. Be sure you shop carefully for rugged canvas or another durable fabric, as you can imagine, your dog is not going to be careful where it goes that might puncture or tear the material. I have seen people buy very thin, cheap backpacks for their dogs only to be quickly disappointed the first time the dog ran into a patch of thorns or briers. Buying a quality made dog pack the first time will be well worth it. Dogs will quickly shred inferior materials into an unusable piece of fabric.

A Few Dog Backpack Brands:

Mountainsmith Dog Backpack

  • MountainSmith- This company has been making high quality packs for dogs for over 30 years. You can expect to pay 50-60$ for one of these high quality packs depending on the size of your dog.

Ruffwear dog backpacks

  • Ruffwear- This company makes some really high end quality gear for dogs. If you want the best dog backpacks these are surely some of the nicest on the market. There are many styles to choose from with this brand, with a price range from 50$-150$.


Granite Gear Dog pack


  • Granite Gear- This company makes high quality gear for dogs as well. Their packs are highly adjustable and will be quite comfortable for your K9 friend to wear in the wilderness.

A short video showing the benefits of the granite gear dog backpack.

Your dog will certainly enjoy carrying his or her own weight. Once the pack is strapped on to them they seem to be just a little more proud. They know that the backpack is on them to carry weight. Trainers have noted that backpacks on dogs will make them more obedient and focused.