Camping Oven Homemade

Camping Oven- How to make one out of a Tin Can and Some Wires

How to Make a Homemade Camping Oven

Camp oven Materials: How to make a camping oven.

  •  1 gallon or larger tin can
  • Wire mesh
  • A Coathanger or heavy guage wire
  • One nail/hammer or electric drill


  • Plyers
  • Hammer
  • Tin snips and/or wire cutters

Everything you need to make a wire camping oven


This is a very simple and easy design. It will allow you to bake small birds such as cornish game hens over a fire or even grilled cheese sandwiches can easily be made. This costs almost nothing to create.It even has a closing door and a sliding tray to examine your food.

Making a hole for the camp oven handle.

Attaching the wire handle to your camp oven

How to make a platform for the food in the camp oven.

Pound 2 holes on each side of your oven and string some wire through do the same from the back of the oven and connect it to your outermost wire. Make sure the wire that is coming from the back of the stove is on top of the two horizontal wires. This will allow your oven tray to slide easily. Bend the wires on the outside of your oven to secure them in place and eliminate any sharp edges of the wire.

Attaching the door to the camp oven

  Slide in your Tray and You have successfully made a Camping Oven!

You will simply place this oven at the edge of your fire. You can secure it between a couple rocks to keep it stead. You wont want toHow to make a camping oven. put this in too hot of a spot in the fire. It will heat up quickly. Its a good idea to just put the back end near the fire and leave the rest of the camping oven out. The heat will become trapped and cook your food quickly.