Survival, Camping and Backpacking Gear you Should Have

Gear you need for Survival/Backpacking Trip

Survival Checklist While Packing your backpack for a simple camping trip or long multiple day excursion through the back country, it is  important to have the things you might need. Most of these small inexpensive items could save your life!

They are all relatively lightweight and take up minimal space. Both of these characteristics are generally very important to the backpacker. It is well worth taking a trip to the dollar store or spending some time on Amazon, or Ebay and finding great deals on these products. Whats nice about most of these items is they are so lightweight and cheap to ship that generally you can find them with free shipping or at least very inexpensive.

Sometimes its the simple things that count

Shown here are two very inexpensive items that could and would come in very handy on a backpacking trip or in a survival situation. A simple bag filled with zip lock bags, and a piece of rolled plastic sheeting. The uses for these items are endless. The rolled sheeting could be used from anything from making a shelter, to collecting water in the desert by making a condensation still. More about  how to clean water.

I won’t get into all of the uses for the plastic bags.  I am sure you can figure that out.

plastic bags for a survival kit

Water Is Very Important!

Having a good water bottle is pretty important. But Having a way to purify and filter water is much more.
Iodine water purification tablets tend to make the water taste a little strong, but if you add some powdered drink mix to it you barely even notice the taste. I would not normally use these tablets unless the water source is nasty. You can also use iodine tincture to clean your water. This is available at most dollar stores.( It could also double as radiation protection in the event of a nuclear blast). If I am taking water from a river, stream or clean lake, The standard water filter is a better choice. There are a lot on the market. The water filter shown to the right i used for years and it worked well. I just bought a Sawyer 4 way personal water bottle and that seems like it will be much more user friendly. See my review of the sawyer filter here.various water bottles and filtration systems

Keeping warm and Making Fire

Bottom Line: if you don’t stay warm and dry, you could die.  You need a way to light a fire. The best way is with a bic lighter. If that is not available then the nest best thing is a fire starting tool. They work really well if you know how to use them. They are also very inexpensive.

A couple candles can be a great way to at least warm your hands and keep you sane if you don’t have a flashlight. They also help with lighting fires.

A high visibility rain poncho and a cheap emergency blanket can also be a great tools to have. They cost almost nothing and would make a great flagging material in a rescue situation. The emergency blanket could also be used for reflecting sunlight to signal a plane.​

The final thing I will mention in this section is a waterproof bag. Keeping a set of dry clothes is obviously something you want to do. you can also store whatever else you want to keep dry in it. Notice the bag on the right has a valve on the side.  That is so you can squeeze out all of the excess air inside.  But this valve could also be used as a faucet if need be. The bag itself would be an amazing way to transport water if you needed to. Just hang the bag from a tree and open the valve. the water would pour right out. (Poor mans camp shower??)Gloves and a Watrproof bag for a complete survival bag list

Fire starting kits and tools

Some other things you might need on your trip include:

  • A Swiss army knife/multi Tool
  • A wind up flashlight
  • Extra Batteries
  • First aid kit
  • Folding saw
  • Pot or pan
  • Slingshot
  • Fishing line and Fish hooks

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