Black and Decker Battery Powered Chainsaw Review

Battery powered electric chainsaw by Black and Decker

Here it is! The 20v lithium, battery powered electric chainsaw by Black and Decker.

A closeup view of the blade and chain on the black and decker battery powered chainsaw

You can cut through logs up to 8″ in diameter with this amazing battery powered saw.

Until I started doing research on battery powered chainsaws last week, I honestly had no idea they existed. I thought I would either have to buy an electric chainsaw with a cord, or go with a gas powered version. Personally I do like gas powered chainsaws, but to get a good quality one you can expect to pay at least $200. Since I am on a budget, I decided to concentrate my efforts looking closely into various models of battery powered chainsaws. Using a saw with an extension cord is not an option for me. I bought this saw a few days ago on Amazon for an insanely cheap price of about $100!

This saw will make a perfect addition to your car camping accessories.  Because of it’s light weight and no need to haul around a stinky gas can this is a perfect item to take on a camping trip. Bringing gas in a car packed full of gear is not only a pain, but it can spill and ruin all of your expensive camping stuff.


  • Get up to 150 cuts on one battery charge
  • Weighs a light 5.1 lbs
  • You can purchase extra battery packs to extend your use if you don’t have a charger nearby
  • Super quiet! You can easily cut wood in the middle of the night in a crowded campground, or use it around the house without bothering your neighbors.
  • No exhaust smell like you would get from a gas powered saw

Close up image of the battery on the black and decker electric chainsaw. You wont be able to get 150 cuts on really thick timber, but for cutting up smaller branches to toss into the fire or pruning around your house it is great. To get an idea of the speed this saw cuts at, be sure to watch the video on the top of this page.

This saw comes with a small bottle for keeping chain oil, and all of the necessary tools to adjust the blade are included in the box. When you open your box, you will notice that it comes with the bar of the saw detached. To install it, all you have to deo is remove two allen head screws and it will fit right on. From that point you will need to tighten a screw on the very front of the sawto get proper chain tension. Charging the battery takes about 4 hours to get a complete charge. In the video above I was using my saw after 1.5 hours of charging and I managed to cut down a 7 inch diameter dead aspen tree and dice 7 pieces of wood off it before my battery died. With a full charge I could have likely almost cut up the entire tree.

I was really impressed with the power of this saw and it’s ability to nip right through the 7″ wood in about 20 seconds. I am sure the speed would increase more with a completely charged battery in the saw.


This amazing saw is great to have around the house or campsite. With the battery able to charge entirely in 4 hours you will be able to get plenty of use in the course of one day. This electric battery powered chainsaw from Black and Decker is a smoking deal at around $100, I have no doubt you will find it well worth it’s price tag.
See this great saw on Amazon here