Baby Camping Gear, Top 10 List

Camping Trips with a Baby!

 Baby camping gearMost families go on a camping trip at some point in their lives. Camping is fun for all ages! It is an ageless event. Kids love it! Parents love it! There are just so many family-friendly activities associated with camping that it is hard not to love. Sitting around the campfire telling ghost stories or singing campfire songs, swimming, fishing, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, floating, boating, and more! The possibilities are endless. Everyone loves roasting marshmallows and hot dogs! S’mores seems to be an American delicacy!

Baby On Board!

What happens, though, when there is a baby in the family? Does this mean that all vacation adventures come to a close “until the baby grows up”? No! Babies can have fun too! There is special gear, tips, and precautions that come along with a baby that will ensure the best time, least stress, and most safety!

If there is a baby in your family, but you had wanted to plan a camping trip including the baby, check below for ten awesome baby camping gear items that will make you trip smooth and not require hiring a babysitter back home! No one gets left behind, not even the baby!

Top 10 Baby Camping Gear Items to Look Into Before Camping

1. BabyBjorn Travel Crib– This is a travel crib that is able to fold down when it isn’t being used. It is comfortable, breathable, and soft. Bring blankets and extra cushion for your little cuddle bug, of course.

Baby Mosquito net for stroller or crib. A great baby camping gear item2. Baby Carrier or Stroller- Make sure you have some way to carry the baby besides on your hip! This will alleviate much struggle especially when you are walking long distances. Babies can also rest in the carrier while you are cooking, cleaning, setting up tents, etc. This will be a good “make shift mommy” when mommy can’t hold the baby at the moment!

3. Baby Travel Tray- These travel trays are especially helpful in the car for long road trips, but also the baby travel tray will help whenever you are all seated at the picnic table and the baby clearly can’t sit alone at the table. You could also bring a booster seat or high chair.

4. Sleep Sack- It gets cold at night! The baby’s typical home pajamas might not be enough. Try getting a sleep sack layered Canoeing and camping with babiesunderneath for the outdoor sleep wear. This is an essential baby camping gear item. You will be glad to know your baby is cozy and warm throughout the night.

5. Child Bike Seat- If you plan on biking throughout the trip, make sure to get a bike seat for your baby! There are bike trailers that trail behind, or the popular thing lately is the front seats. These strap onto the front which allow the child to see the view. Also, parents like them being in the front so that they aren’t constantly looking behind them to check on their child. This keeps the child in eye view and arm length in case of an emergency.

6. Baby food- This isn’t necessarily a baby camping gear item! This is good in general! Make sure to pack easy and quick baby meals. The baby food pouches are a great travel option.

7. Baby bug spray- Baby bug spray is gentler on the skin than normal bug spray. Keep those critters off your baby!

8. Baby sunscreen- Just like the bug spray, sunscreen is very powerful for the baby’s gentle skin!

9. Baby float- If you plan on swimming at a lake or somewhere calm, there are baby floats with sunshades perfect for your toddler!

10. Life Vest- Baby life vests can also be purchased to keep them safe on the water!

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  1. Christopher James

    September 29, 2013 at 5:18 am

    Great list. Our baby’s welfare is our top priority when we decide to take her in one of our camping trips.