Adventure Medical Kits Trekker Review

An Overview of the Adventure Medical Kits Trekker First Aid Kit

This is a very nice kit for the money!

adventure medical kits trekker opened up I think this is a​
exclusive item. I can’t find it anywhere else. The current price is $17.98 (which is a frieking steal in my opinion) Original price it says is $44.95​
This has a ton of valuable essentials inside.

Instead of itemizing all of the contents, I will just give highlights and pictures.

The first thing I will point out, is this great book that is crammed in the back of the bottom pocket.

This book has a price of $15.95 printed on the back. Just to give you
an Idea of how great of a value this. Essentially you are getting all of
the other great stuff for $2

This kit is without a doubt the best bargain you will probably find on a first aid kit. I don’t know how long they will be available at these adventure Medical Kits Trekker booklow prices though!

I originally wrote this article several months ago. I am doing a transfer of this entire site to a whole new program. I checked the price at backcountry and it seems the price went up to $26.97.  Its still a great deal, but not quite as smoking as it was at  $17.98.

Adventure medidal kits trekker contentsIf you get anything from this article it will probably be a look at the inside of the medical kit. There are really no good pictures on backcountry’s website.

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